'I support Jeremy Corbyn but Labour haven't done enough on Syria': Peter Tatchell reveals why he disrupted Labour leader's speech

Peter Tatchell on why he interrupted Jeremy Corbyn and the issues in Syria

Peter Tatchell and Jeremy Corbyn during the protest

Monday, December 12, 2016

One of Britain's most respected activists has claimed the Labour Party is not doing enough about the plight of civilians in Syria.

Peter Tatchell interrupted Jeremy Corbyn as he was about to make a speech in Westminster on Saturday, staging a protest and calling out the Labour leader for not demanding air drops for Syrians under siege in eastern Aleppo. 

Tatchell insisted a vote would go a long way towards increasing morale in Syria.

"I supported Jeremy Corbyn as leader, I still do," he told Jonny Gould. "I think in most respects, the policies he's advocating are in the interests of the country. He's a great champion of human rights. 

"On Syria, I do disagree with him. It's Labour's responsibility to hold Theresa May and Boris Johnson to account for their failings on Syria. 

"You'd have thought that the Labour party would have allocated some of their parliamentary time to push for a debate and vote to mandate UK air drops of food and medicine to besieged civilians. But they haven't, and that was the focus of the protest.

"If nothing else, even if Labour is voted down, the fact they tried to do it and took concrete action would be a morale boost for Syrians and would show they do take this issue seriously."

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