'I was disappointed by the Whip's response', says Andrew Bridgen MP about Dan Poulter allegations

'I was disappointed by the Whips response', says Andrew Bridgen MP about Dan Poulter allegations

The MP wrote a column calling out Dan Poulter for alleged inappropriate behaviour back in 2010

Monday, November 6, 2017

Andrew Bridgen MP has said he was disappointed with the response by the Whip when he reported alleged inappropriate behaviour back in 2010.

The MP for North West Leicestershire wrote a column in The Times to give an account of how he reported Dan Poulter, the MP for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, to the Whip's Office after three MPs claimed he had allegedly put his hand up their skirts. 

A probe has been opened into the allegations against Poulter, which he denies. 

Bridgen explained his decision to Julia Hartley-Brewer: "Put yourself in my position, I’m a newly elected MP back in 2010, I’ve never been in the Westminster bubble before.

"Within not many months, with other newly elected MPs who are female, we’re sat around a table relating to a colleague where they’re saying they wouldn’t want to go in the lift with him.

"It’s obvious for some sort of false party loyalty. I can’t put myself in the mind of why they wouldn’t officially complain – to get into a situation where elected female MPs in my view were not reporting inappropriate behaviour because they feel it would be damaging to them. Where does that put a young researcher in turn of any sex?

"All I can say is the situation I was placed in seven years ago, I felt it was easier for me to go and complain and I told them I would because this isn’t right.

"Whether they were happy or not, none of them said not to. I went to the Whip’s office and raised my concerns. It’s fair to say I was disappointed by the response."

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