Iain Duncan Smith: No second referendum on 'clear cut' Brexit

'It's not going to happen' claims the former Tory leader

'It's not going to happen' claims the former Tory leader

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Former Conservative Leader Iain Duncan Smith has told Julia Hartley-Brewer that there is no way that there will be a second referendum on Brexit. 

“Theresa May has made it absolutely clear that she doesn’t believe that is necessary,” said the MP. “We’ve had a decision, it was a clear cut decision. 17 and a half million people voted to leave.

“The trouble is there are some out there who don’t just want another referendum. What they want to do, which is what has been going on in Europe for years now, is if you don’t get the right decision from the public, you go back and ask them again and again and again, until they give you what you believe to be the right decision.

It’s a situation with a couple of recent examples, he added. “This is really a battle between elites who refuse to accept a decision. I remember when Denmark had a referendum during the Maastricht treaty, they rejected it – they were made to go back and have another referendum until they accept it. 

“Ireland has rejected elements of treaties, the Irish public have been told they need to go back and have another refendum. It’s not going to happen here.”