Iain Duncan Smith: Private sector ‘will find way’ back to work

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Conservative MP Sir Iain Duncan Smith has said he is optimistic that businesses will be able to adapt to bring employees back to work amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking with talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer, the former party leader said it was now up to employers to interpret the government’s advice on gradually easing lockdown.

He said: “Everyone was moaning about the lack of detail, they always do. The truth is, at the end of it all, for all the detail, it will be down to people and to companies’ reaction to how they can get back to work.

“My sense is the private sector will find a way to do this because the need will be great.”

However, the ex-Work and Pensions Secretary warned that the reopening of the economy could be hindered by schools and public transport.

He said parents will not be able to return to work if children cannot go back to school.

On travel, Mr Duncan Smith added: “Are we really saying that every single carriage will have to have two metre's distancing? In which case, people won’t be able to get into work in time, even if they avoid the rush hour.”

He also urged cooperation from the public sector, saying: “We also need the public sector, the unions etc, to be I think alongside trying to work these problems out, not making ultimatums about what they’re not going to do.”

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