Iain Duncan Smith says Theresa May won't be ousted: 'We can't let personal ambitions stop Brexit'

Iain Duncan Smith says Theresa May will remain in charge

Iain Duncan Smith says there's no appetite for replacing Theresa May

Monday, July 10, 2017

Former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith has told talkRADIO there is no chance of Theresa May being deposed, as "nobody wants a leadership contest."

Speaking to Paul Ross, the Tory grandee said his party, and the country at large, can't let "one or two people's personal ambitions" get in the way of Brexit.

Duncan Smith said: "Nobody wants a leadership contest. The clock is ticking on Brexit, we have to get on with the negotiations, get this done. We don't have a lot of time.

"The idea of plunging into a leadership election for the sake of one or two people's personal ambitions is bad for the country. We've got to get on with this.

"Theresa May has demonstrated, as she did at the G20 with Donald Trump, that she's able to strike deals. She's made clear what we've got to do, we've got to get on with it. 

"We haven't got time to indulge in petty games."

Duncan Smith did say there are a "tiny number whose brains are bigger than their common sense" and suggested we can't listen to them.

He also had some harsh words for Vince Cable, who he said was "dealing with pipedreams" on Brexit, and on Jeremy Corbyn.

According to Duncan Smith, Corbyn and his Labour colleagues "bribed many, many young voters - particularly those who planned to go to university - by saying they planned to abolish tuition fees.

"Things like that will become more obvious as the Parliament goes on."

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