Iain Duncan Smith tells Theresa May critics: Shut up or get out

Iain Duncan Smith had some strong words for Theresa May's critics

Iain Duncan Smith had some strong words for Theresa May's critics

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Tory grandee Iain Duncan Smith has told Theresa May's Cabinet critics to "shut up" - and she should kick them out if they don't.

Speculation about May's future at Downing Street continues, although the ermbattled Prime Minister said she was "not a quitter" while flying to China on a trade mission overnight.

Duncan Smith, who led the Conservatives between 2001 and 2003 and served as a minister under David Cameron, told talkRADIO that the constant sniping from May's colleagues, such as Philip Hammond and Boris Johnson, was weakening the Government and undermining Britain's chances of getting a good Brexit deal.

"Some of this issue has been created by one or two of my own colleages in the Cabinet, who spend their time speculating about Brexit deals," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer. "It's not helping anyone.

"I have a simple message for them. They should shut up, quite frankly."

When Julia asked whether Duncan Smith was referring directly to Hammond, who has broken ranks on Brexit several times, the interviewee responded: "Not just him. You could list them."

He continued: "It is critical now that members of the Government recognise that if we are to succeed in delivering what the British people voted for, and to do as good an arrangement as we possibly can, it requires discipline.

"If anyone now decides to say another word about what they think Brexit looks like or where they would go, the answer is open the door and kick them out.

"No-one is above the collective responsibility of the Cabinet."

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