Iain Duncan Smith: Tories need new leader ‘who voted for Brexit’

Iain Duncan Smith: Tories need new leader ‘who voted for Brexit’

Friday, May 10, 2019

Conservative MP Iain Duncan Smith has said that the party needed a new leader “who voted for Brexit” in order to regain the trust of voters.

The Conservative Party lost over 1,300 councillor seats in the local elections last week.

Mr Duncan Smith told talkRADIO’s Dan Wootton: “We need to get a new leader that voted for Brexit. We need to make sure that we deliver Brexit.

“You have seen the reaction from the local elections, people are fed up. The idea that politicians in parliament are so completely detached from the public is the main danger.

“You have politicians saying that their purpose is to stop Brexit. The whole idea that a democratic vote can be overturned is wrong.”

The former Conservative leader added that he could not see how a compromise on Brexit between Labour and his party could happen.

“I don’t see how there could be any arrangement between the Conservatives and Labour for the very simple reason that if you could tell me Labour’s position on Brexit then that would be a revelation.,” he said. They seem to be looking in both directions.”

He added: “On the other side of the fence, the prime minister has struck a deal that I think is fundamentally flawed.

“I wanted to get out on March 29, after having voted against the deal twice I voted for it the last time just to try and get the thing over the line in time for March 29.

“The reality is that the deal is not going to go through as it stands.”

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