Iain Lee caller claims the Queen died five years ago and we've had a lookalike ever since

Stephen believes the Queen isn't here at all

Iain Lee's caller was lively, to say the least

Friday, January 6, 2017

A caller to Iain Lee's show last night had a rather unusual theory on the Queen.

Stephen, from Scotland, said the recent stories about the royal's death are ridiculous - in fact, she died five years ago.

Stephen believes that, since then, a lookalike has been portraying the Queen in public to avoid upsetting the public, and "poor Philip is just going with the flow."

However, on the positive side, he believes she died of natural causes and there was no foul play involved.

Iain was slightly taken aback by the theory, although he did suggest the lookalike might be Jeannette Charles, an actress who has made a long-standing living impersonating the British sovereign.

Our presenter, usually so unflappable, became increasingly frustrated as Stephen continued, and finished the chat by calling his guest a scumbag.

Listen to the call above