Iain Lee does a Freddie Mercury impression as he discusses his musical heroes

Iain did his best Freddie Mercury impression live on air

Freddie Mercury was an inspiration to millions... including, it transpires, Iain Lee

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Iain Lee took the opportunity of a call from Martin to do an impression of his hero Freddie Mercury live on air.

The segment began with Iain paying homage to the Beach Boys, before he and Martin began discussing Mercury - allowing Iain to belt out his own version of 'dayyyooo' and proclaim his undying love for the glam rock icon.

Iain and his caller then discussed a number of other classic singers, from Luther Vandross to Michael Jackson and even Patrick Swayze, and identifying their own particular favourites. Martin kept calling Iain "sweetheart" which our presenter said he liked.

Martin also revealed he is writing his own songs, to prepare the world for when he has children. He even sang one to Iain, who said it was brilliant.

Anyway, listen to it above