Iain Lee's best bits (17 - 21 Sep)

Iain Lee's Best Bits

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

From the ongoing saga of the Croydon cat killer to ITV's secret filming spot in Lancashire, here's your weekly guide to all the highlights from the Late Night Alternative with Iain Lee.


ITV show 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!' is filmed in Lancashire

Former 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!' contestant Iain Lee convinced a caller named Tony that the popular ITV show fronted by Ant and Dec was not filmed in Australia, but in the northern county of Lancashire.

"Everyone knows that, TV is so false! It's all heavily scripted and filmed in England," Lee said.

Lee also revealed to caller Tony that his tears on the show were brought about by using the Hollywood-approved technique of "pulling out a pube".


The Croydon cat killer

Iain Lee was joined by Boudicca Rising from the South Norwood Animal Rescue Liberty (SNARL), who believes the Croydon cat killer is still at large, and not an urban fox as widely reported.

Police have now called off the search for the killer, but SNARL are continuing their own investigation which has been running for the last three years.

Ms Rising said to Iain Lee: "What they [police] can't explain is the incidents where we've had body part returns. In Dartford two bones were taken from a cat and stripped and returned two days later. A fox cannot take two bones out of a cat so neatly that we didn't know about it until the post-mortem.

"We had collar returns, five months later, that's not a fox."

A petition urging police to reopen the investigation has amassed 20,000 signatures.


Have you ever been inside Five Guys?

After a 48-year-old caller named Paul made the revelation that he'd "only ever eaten in McDonald's five times", Lee pressed him on whether he'd ever "been inside Five Guys" (referring to the fast food chain, of course).

"Pardon?" was the response from the confused caller.


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