Iain Lee's best bits

Iain Lee's best bits

Monday, September 17, 2018

Here is the weekly round-up of Iain Lee’s best bits from the week gone by, from stories of re-incarnation and celebrity meetings, to a confused caller looking for George Galloway.


‘Hard words to spell’ song



Last week started with a bang, as talkRADIO’s very own Iain Lee and Katherine Boyle sung a song titled ‘Hard words to spell’ all to the tune of ‘Highway to Hell’. As expected from the title, the song contained numerous hard to spell words from ‘weird’, ‘ecstasy’ and ‘millennium’.


A guest whose mum has been re-incarnated as a robin



Tuesday had Iain Lee speaking to caller Wendy Fry who says her mum has been reincarnated as a robin. Ms Fry said that her mum had returned to her three times since she passed away in 2015, and each time when it happened she had “an energetic feeling in her heart”.

She added that when the robin visits her it is like hearing her mum’s voice “talking to her”, but that she would have not been “so endearing and supportive in life”.


Iain Lee cannot handle a caller’s ‘pen camera’



Tuesday’s show was the gift that keeps on giving with callers, as Iain Lee spoke to Dion who in his words “had a great camera”. Dion’s camera is not just any camera, it is HD, night vision… and all built into a pen. The pen even writes.

And what does Dion use this pen for? He says “he films other people writing”.


This caller’s unbelievable story about meeting Neil Diamond



Caller Matt thrilled Iain Lee on Wednesday with his story about a bizarre meeting with Neil Diamond. Matt had been serving in the Royal Navy when they had had a night off in Boston, Massachusetts. After a few “jars of ale”, Matt was “stumbling” down the pavement before being stopped by a man concerned that his shoelace was undone.

That passer-by just happened to be singer Neil Diamond, but without a pen or camera to capture the moment, Matt did the only thing he could think of to make the moment memorable, he asked Neil Diamond to tie his shoelace.


And, a confused caller looking for George Galloway



Caller Ronnie didn’t have the best Friday night after mistakenly calling talkSPORT looking to speak to talkRADIO’s George Galloway, so Iain Lee had a chat with him to work out what had happened. Lee was quick to the point, saying: “Mate, you are two and a half hours late for the host you want to talk to and you don’t know the name of the radio station.”

Iain and Ronnie didn’t quite hit it off with Ronnie saying that he’d listened to Iain “talk a load of nonsense” whilst waiting to go on air, and then later when Ronnie asked if he had given up on the conversation, Iain simply replied “no, I’ll carry on talking rubbish to an idiot.” Ronnie may not be calling talkRADIO, or talkSPORT, again any time soon.