Iain Lee's best bits (8-12 Oct)

Iain Lee

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Monday, October 15, 2018

From prank calling talkSPORT to mysterious noises on the phone, here's your weekly guide to all the highlights from the Late Night Alternative with Iain Lee.


Living with a secret

Caller Tony revealed to Iain that he had been keeping a secret for years but was "too scared to tell his son".

Tony, who is in his late 40s and is recently single, is now enjoying life with the newfound confidence to dress as a woman.

"Since I've been living on my own I decided why can't I? Why can't I do it?" Tony said.

He revealed he has told his 21-year-old daughter the news, but is waiting for the right time to tell his 14-year-old son.

"There will be people listening who you will have given them confidence, and you will have given them courage, and you will have inspired them to maybe take a different direction in their life," Iain said.


What's that pip?

A beep noise that could be heard on the other end of the phone with caller Michael slowly drove Iain mad.

At first, Iain suspected it was a smoke alarm with a low battery, but Michael claimed he had "taken the bloomin' battery out".

Suspicions turned to Michael's wind chime, before the source of the noise was revealed to be his neighbour's squeaky door. Supposedly.


Prank calling talkSPORT

Liverpool supporter Mo called in hoping to reach talkSPORT to talk about the England game and "how boring international football is".

Iain put him through, but had fun piping flatulence noises down the phone as Mo tried to get his point across.

"You ruined the call," Mo said, before hanging up.


You can listen to Late Night Alternative with Iain Lee on talkRADIO every weeknight from 10pm - 1am.