Ian Paterson patient speaks out - 'I can still feel his hand squeezing on my shoulders as he told me lies'

Ian Paterson's victim speaks out - 'I can still feel his hand squeezing on my shoulders as he told me lies'

Ian Paterson treated women for breast cancer (Stock image)

Friday, April 28, 2017

A woman who suffered doctor Ian Paterson's malpractice has spoken out about her treatment, saying she feels as if she can still feel his hands squeezing her shoulders as he told her a lie.

Paterson, a former consultant general surgeon, has been found guilty of wounding patients with a series of unnecessary operations.

Nadia, who spoke to our Friday host Yasmeen Khan, saw Paterson as a private patient upon his advice as she had breast cancer and has undergone five operations. She recently found out the first operation was incorrect, and told Yasmeen Khan that she found this news even more shocking than discovering she had cancer.

Her sister was also diagnosed with cancer by Paterson and put on strong medication, only for it to later be discovered that she didn't have the disease.

Nadia also once asked the doctor to look at a mole on her leg. He said that it must be removed and later told her how relieved he was to have removed it, because the cancer was so deep they only just caught it in time. It later turned out that it was not cancerous.

She said that now knowing it wasn’t cancer, she can still feel Patterson’s hand squeezing her shoulders as he said this.

Nadia also revealed that she was sometimes treated with little respect when seeing Paterson, reflecting on one incident she had with him before her diagnosis, when he told her she shouldn't keep visiting the doctor for mere lumps.

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