Ian Wright: Women’s World Cup ‘does not need’ male pundits

Ian Wright: Women’s World Cup ‘does not need’ male pundits

The broadcaster said seeing so many women commentating was 'a fantastic sight'

Monday, June 10, 2019

Broadcaster Ian Wright has said that the Women’s FIFA World Cup “does not need” male pundits.

The Women’s World Cup began on June 7, with England winning their first match 2-1 against Scotland over the weekend.

The former footballer told talkRADIO’s Matthew Wright: “What I saw the other day watching the women’s football was a woman presenter, and three women pundits. It was a fantastic sight.”

He added: “What girls need to see is that they have got their game and all three can be up there.

“It does not need a man on their to explain what is going on in respect to the game.

“These women have played to a level where they can it explain it.”

England’s game against Scotland on Sunday was the UK’s most watched women’s football match of all time - with 6.1 million viewers.

This comes after Alex Scott became the BBC’s first female pundit at the men’s World Cup last year.

Wright praised Scott for “transitioning” into the men’s game, adding that she speaks “so eloquently about it”.

He said that women like Scott “inspire” young girls to want to also be a pundit or footballer.

“Girls can watch it and they can see how far you can go; you can be a footballer, a pundit, a manager,” Wright said.

“You can be whatever you want. The more that they can see role models and women in positions where they are expressing themselves, the more it is going to inspire people.

“Fingers crossed that the girls can do brilliantly. We are going to see a lot more women wanting to play and getting to the top.”

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