'Ice boy' told to leave private school after less than two weeks

'Ice boy' told to leave private school after less than two weeks

The photo of the child went viral earlier this year (Credit: Weibo)

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The child known as "ice boy" in China has been told to leave private school after being there for less than two weeks.

Wang Fuman earned the nickname after a photo was uploaded online of him arriving at his original school covered in icicles, having faced a long and arduous walk to get there.

After this a private boarding school offered to take the eight-year-old in for free and many donations were also made to the child's family online to help them, according to The Straits Times.

He started at the school at the end of last month but now, The South China Morning Post reports, media and government interest in the child has caused the school in Zhaotong to inform him that he must leave.

The father of the child was asked to take him back to his previous school on Tuesday (March 6).

The father reportedly said: "I'm illiterate and I don't understand why this school has kicked us out."

The headteacher has spoken about the case with a newspaper in Hong Kong and claimed that, when he offered a place to the child, he was unaware the Ministry of Education saw Wang as a "key figure" in eradicating poverty.

He said that, whilst the child attended the school it "received numerous requests from various levels of government departments to inspect us" and several media interview requests.

However it is reported that the man has offered the child's father 15,000 yuan (£1,700) and said he is willing to help the family in future.