Iceberg four times bigger than London about to split from Antarctica

Massive iceberg in Antarctica about to split from main body of ice

The crack is expected to extend 20 kilometres (Credit: Twitter @streetway161)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A massive iceberg four times the size of London is set to break off the continent of Antarctica, and threatens chaos in the South Atlantic.

An airforce plane carrying scientists from the Argentine Antarctic Institute was flown to the site of the growing fissure in the Antarctic ice sheet, to evaluate the breakaway timeframe. 

The mass of ice - entitled Ice Larsen C - measures about 5,900 square kilometres, compared to London's 1570 square kilometres. 

The scientists expect the final fracture of the iceberg will happen soon as the crack extends roughly 20 kilometres. 

Climate change is thought to be the cause of the split.