'If Ben Stokes started the Mbargo fight, he should lose the England cricket vice-captaincy' says Derek Pringle

Friday, September 29, 2017

Former cricketer Derek Pringle says that if Ben Stokes is found to have started the fight for which he was arrested on Monday morning, he should be stripped of the vice-captaincy.

Stokes, one of the most high-profile players in modern cricket, was arrested in the early hours of Monday morning after being involved in a skirmish outside the Mbargo nightclub in Bristol. Footage has subsequently emerged which appears to show Stokes launching punches at two different men during the exchange.

Stokes has now been suspended by the English Cricket Board, and faces a police inquiry - meaning it is unlikely he will be allowed to travel with England to compete for the Ashes against Australia this winter.

Pringle, who himself starred for England and appeared in the 1992 World Cup final, told Julia Hartley-Brewer "I've seen a version of the video, it's still not very clear to me who started it all.

"If he's culpable in starting it, I think he should be stripped off the vice-captaincy.

"I don't think all the facts have come out yet [but] Violence is unacceptable. Even if it's self-defence, it has to be reasonable and proportionate and he does seem to go after [the other party]."

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