'If I cut up my dog and ate it, I'd be arrested': Vegan campaigner goes head to head with dairy farmer

A dairy farm in Scotland

A dairy farm in Scotland

Monday, February 5, 2018

Australian vegan activist Joey Carbstrong had a heated tussle with a dairy farmer on James Whale's show, culminating in the YouTube star asking how we can treat farm animals in a way that would be illegal for domestic pets.

Carbstrong told the farmer, called James, that "if i cut my dog up and ate it, I'd be arrested," and this standard should also be applied to animals on farms.

James insisted that animals are slaughtered "when they've had a good life" but Joey disagreed, saying that "a knife in the throat is not a good life."

The farmer also said that his job was to put food on people's tables, but his opponent said we could just as easily eat vegetables as beef or lamb.

James got rather exasperated with Joey's approach, saying that "vegans talk a load of rubbish and they should all be banned from doing what they do."

Our presenter waded in to suggest that vegan activists regularly attack farmers, and this contradicts their compassionate approach to animals.

But Joey said he is totally against such intimidation and has regularly spoken out on the issue.

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