If Iceland had made their own advert 'there wouldn't be an issue', Clearcast's managing director says

Iceland Advert

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The managing director of Clearcast, who banned the controversial Iceland advert, has dismissed claims that the ad was banned for being too "political".

Appearing on the breakfast show, Chris Mundy said the company did not regard the ad as being political "at all".


"If Iceland had made the ad themselves there wouldn't be an issue here," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer. "The problem is that the ad falls foul of rules about ads being broadcast on behalf of a body whose objects are wholly or mainly of a political nature, and it was Greenpeace that made the ad."

A petition calling for the advert to be shown on TV has amassed over 800,000 signatures, but Mr Mundy said Clearcast needed to be provided with evidence that Greenpeace was not an "overtly political organisation" before the ad could be cleared.

"We've asked Greenpeace to provide us with some information that would help us establish this one way or anothe rand we haven't received it from them," he said.


Broadcasters 'could get fined'

"Until we are reassured about that, we can't allow the ad on television because the broadcasters could be in breach of their licenses, and they could get fined."

The animated advert, narrated by actress Emma Thompson, shows an orangutan in a girl’s bedroom, and clips of rainforests being mown down by industrial machinery to harvest palm oil.

Iceland has committed to making 100 per cent of its own-brand food palm-oil free by the end of 2018.