'If Jeremy Corbyn does better than Ed Miliband did, he'll have every right to stay', says supporter Aaron Bastani

'If Labour does better in the election than Ed Miliband did, Jeremy Corbyn will have the right to stay', says Novara Media

Many have criticised Jeremy Corbyn's leadership but Aaron Bastani believes he'll have a galvanising effect on young people at the forthcoming election

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

If Jeremy Corbyn does better in the forthcoming election than Ed Miliband did last time out, he'll have every right to remain Labour Party leader.

That's according to Corbyn supporter Aaron Bastani, who told Sam Delaney that he thinks young people will be galvanised by the veteran left-winger and will turn out to vote for him in June.

Bastani, the founder of Navara Media, conceded that, if Labour do horrifically badly in the general election, Corbyn's supporters won't have much of an argument for him to stay as leader.

However he doesn't believe that this will happen.

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