'If Jeremy Corbyn doesn't become Prime Minister, he has to quit', says former Labour MP

'If Jeremy Corbyn doesn't become Prime Minister, he has to resign', says former MP

Tom Harris believes Corbyn should resign if he doesn't win the election (Stock image)

Monday, May 22, 2017

If Jeremy Corbyn doesn't win the general election then he needs to resign as leader of the Labour party, according to a former Labour MP.

Polling shows that Labour is now just 9 points behind the Conservatives, showing Theresa May's lead is narrowing.

Telegraph columnist Tom Harris pointed out to Julia Hartley-Brewer that Ed Miliband resigned after the last election, despite increasing the Labour vote . He believes it's only right that Corbyn follows suit.

He believes if Labour win fewer MPs than they did in 2015, it will show the lurch to the left has not worked.

Harris added that Corbyn's decision not to condemn the IRA outright could be a problem, as those aged over 40 understand the true horror of IRA atrocities and they are more likely to vote on June 8 than younger, more ambivalent people.

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