If Jeremy Corbyn fans really care about Labour they'll campaign in Copeland, says MP John Mann

Jeremy Corbyn: 'We need to give the leadership vote back to trade unionists', says MP John Mann

Jeremy Corbyn has come under scrutiny from Barack Obama

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A prominent critic of Jeremy Corbyn has urged Labour voters in north London to come to Copeland and campaign on behalf of the party in the forthcoming by-election if they are serious about helping the party.

John Mann MP also told James Max that Corbyn's future will depend on results, and suggested Ed Miliband is to blame for the mess in which Labour now finds itself under Corbyn's leadership.

Mann was speaking after Barack Obama suggested Labour are "disintegrating" under Corbyn, who swept to victory in the Labour leadership contest last year, a shock victory predicted on large numbers of supporters joining the party to vote for him. Despite this sizeable support base, critics suggest he represents only a narrow band of middle-class north London socialists rather than Labour's working-class core.

Mann told James Max that Miliband's decision to change the party's voting rules and extend the franchise to anyone willing to pay £25 was completely ridiculous, and had facilitated Corbyn's election victory.

However he added that the Labour party must get behind its leader and, if Corbyn's Islington supporters are sincere in their commitment to Labour, they will come to Copeland and do "the hard graft" to ensure the party wins the by-election triggered by the resignation of Jamie Reed earlier this month.

When asked by James if Corbyn was actually electable, Mann said he'd reserve judgement and all will depend on how Corbyn fares at Copeland and in other by-elections.

“It’s winning that determines things, if Jeremy Corbyn leads us to a series of magnificent victories though next year, then he will be proudly leading us into a general election, if he’s a loser demonstrated by actual results, [it's a] different proposition."


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