'If Muslim Council of Britain won't tackle honour killings, how can we take them seriously on terror?'

'The Muslim Council of Britain's plans are welcomed, but not taken seriously', says The Salam Project

The Muslim Council of Britain is planning a counter-terrorism scheme (Getty)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Muslim Council of Britain's counter-terror plans can't be taken seriously as the group has failed to tackle other high-profile issues in the past, according to a fellow Islamic group.

The MCB has announced plans for an alternative counter-terror initiative as a direct challenge to the government's Prevent scheme. The MCB's scheme is set to start next year and begin at grass-roots level. 

Ismal Lea South, co-founder of The Salam Project which organises urban Islamic events and initiatives, told Sam Delaney he welcomed and respected the MCB's stance, but added: "This makes a great change from the Muslim Council in Britain moaning about the events over the past six years, so I'm very grateful.

"We've been dealing with issues around honour killings, forced marriages and abuse of Imams, and they haven't dealt with those three things," he explained. "If they didn't deal with those three things that were around before radicalisation, how can I take what they're saying about radicalisation seriously? 

"Teachers, youth workers and social workers do not have a clue about radicalisation. This is the root of the problem," he added. "The government need to stop liaising with out-of-date, irrelevant organisations of people, and need to get real genuine people who represent the vast British Muslim community and say 'this is what we want to do, give us your input.'"

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