'If Nicola Sturgeon thinks Brexit will drive support for Scottish independence, she's wrong' says poll author

'If the Brexit negotiation goes wrong, support for Scottish independence could soar', says professor

John Curtice believes Brexit alone won't increase support for independence

Thursday, March 30, 2017

A new poll on Scotland's attitude to Brexit suggests Nicola Sturgeon shouldn't base her independence drive on Britain's departure from the European Union.

That's according to Professor John Curtice, the political scientist who conducted the research and discussed his findings with talkRADIO this morning.

The poll The poll found that nearly two-thirds of Scots think their country should have the same trade and immigration rules as the rest of the UK - in contrast to Ms Sturgeon's insistence that Scotland's attitude to Brexit differs markedly from the rest of Britain, and this necessitates another independence referendum.

Curtice told James Max that, based on the figures, "it's not clear that [Brexit] is going to be an issue that moves the numbers in Scotland one way or the other."

However he added that the SNP is going to be "very difficult to silence," due to the size of those who want independence, and suggested that if the "negotiation goes pear-shaped" it could drive further support for Ms Sturgeon and her referendum crusade.

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