'If North Korea actually hit a country with a missile it would be regime suicide'

'If North Korea hit a country with a missile it would be regime suicide'

A missile was fired over Japan

Friday, September 15, 2017

North Korea's missile test does not constitute a major move towards military confrontation - because if they actually hit a country it would be regime suicide.

North Korea has fired a second ballistic missile over Japan, flying higher and further than the one fired last month. It also conducted a nuclear weapon test less than two weeks ago.

International politics Professor Scott Lucas told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "What the North Koreans did today was a pretty blunt response to what is being done, which is the UN passed additional sanctions only a few days ago.

"In this case in a way it’s like ok, this is a logical response in that they don't want to show weakness, I don't think it means a major shift that we're any closer to military confrontation."

He believes "North Korea when it launches that first missile whether it's conventional or whether it's nuclear on anyone in the region whether it's South Korea or Japan or if they try to hit, say, the American Island of Guam that’s regime suicide.

"The weight of the world in terms of military weight will be brought down on North Korea and China will not save them."

Lucas claims what will probably happen next it "the Chinese and the Russians are proposing a freeze on US and South Korea military exercises around the Korean peninsula I suspect that Washington will probably accede to that, at least on a short-term basis to try and bring the temperature down.

"If North Korea then steps back its testing, then you have the space to say 'ok, what are the conditions that we're going to talk about?'"

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