If 'nothing is wrong' it does 'raise questions' as to why Leave.EU has been referred to the NCA, says criminal barrister

If nothing is wrong it does raise questions as to why it has been referred to the NCA, says criminal barrister

Friday, November 2, 2018

Criminal Barrister Osman Osman has said that if it is found that Arron Banks has done “nothing wrong” then it raises questions as to why the case has been referred to the National Crime Agency.

On Thursday, the NCA launched a criminal investigation into Arron Banks and a number of individuals associated with the Leave.EU campaign.

Mr Osman from 25 Bedford Row told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “If it comes back that there is nothing wrong at all with this then it does raise question marks as to why it has been referred there in the first place.  

“Is there something else behind this? Arron Banks has denied that the source of the money is anything but legitimate.

“He has continually denied that any of the money has come from any foreign source either so in those circumstances, one would anticipate that if all the material is as it is, the National Crime Agency will make that abundantly clear. The sooner, the better.”


'They are not satisfied' 

Mr Osman added that it would have been against the law to receive donations from outside of the UK for the EU referendum in 2016.

“The Electoral Commission started their inquiry with a view to identifying where the source of donations came from,” he said.

“This particularly relates to money that was provided to Better for the Country.

“What has happened is that during that investigation they are not satisfied at all to where that money has come from.

“It appears that the money, or aspects of that money, has come from outside of the United Kingdom via companies which have been registered in the Isle of Man.

“The question therefore arises who gave this money? Was it someone from inside the United Kingdom or outside?

“If it is outside of the United Kingdom then under the Electoral law you are not particularly permitted to received donations in that regard.”