If people are drunk, they shouldn’t fly, says former airline pilot

If people are drunk, they shouldn’t fly, says former airline pilot

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Former Airline Pilot Terry Tozer has said that it is a “basic principle” that people should not be allowed to fly if they are drunk, after the Home Office launched a review into alcohol being served in airports.

The review looks into whether high street licensing laws should be extended into departure halls in airports.

This would mean no alcohol would be served before 10am.

Mr Tozer told talkRADIO’s Matthew Wright: “It is actually illegal to be drunk on an aircraft – that is law according to the Civil Aviation Authority.

“I think it is just a basic principle that if people are inebriated they shouldn’t fly.”

The former pilot also explained how he has had to stop people getting on his flights before.

“Fortunately I have not had people being disrupted on my flight but I have had people coming up the steps of the aircraft that probably should not have been allowed that far,” he said.

“I am afraid I have upset people on one occasion by refusing them entry.”


'Selling ridiculous amounts of alcohol' 

Mr Tozer said that often the problem of drunk passengers gets passed “up the line” rather than being dealt with.

“The problem is what you find that the parcel gets passed up the line,” he said.

“The person at check-in does not want to deal with them, then they get lumbered with it at the gate so they have got a difficult decision.  

“When they get as far as the aircraft, the cabin crew have got to make a decision or eventually the captain.

“I think there needs to be a little more awareness and do we have to be selling ridiculous amounts of alcohol at airports anyway?”


'It is how they behave'

The proposal of restricting serving times of alcohol was called “questionable” by Mr Tozer.

 “I think time restrictions are probably questionable so I can understand why the two drink limit has come up,” he said.

“It is a relatively easy and simple way of controlling the issue.

“If people would behave responsibly you would not have the problem.

“It is not so much how much they have drunk, it is about how they behave.”