'If public decide they don't want Brexit, Corbyn might change position' says Lord Michael Heseltine

'If public decide they don't want Brexit, Labour may change position' Lord Michael Heseltine

Lord Michael Heseltine believes appetite for Brexit will fade

Monday, July 17, 2017

If the public decide they no longer want to leave the EU, Labour could change its position on the matter, according to Tory grandee Lord Heseltine.

Brexit secretary David Davis has travelled to Brussels for the second round of Brexit talks and has said both sides should "get down to business" and his priority is to lift uncertainty for EU citizens in the UK and British people in the EU.

Lord Heseltine, former first secretary of state and deputy prime minister, told Sam Delaney: "It could well be that as I expect Brexit becomes less and less popular as the facts emerge and the weakness of our position becomes clearer."

He added that, if public opinion shifts more strongly against Brexit, "in the light of experience I think it is possible within the Labour Party there will be a rethink" and fight to stay within the European Union.

He believes "this government will probably survive for 18 months to two years. By which time it will suit the opposition parties to bring the government down.

"What I’m much more concerned about is not who replaces [Theresa May] but what the replacement’s argument is. If we just move from one Brexiteer to another the divisions [in politics and the country] will remain."

Heseltine added that the EU doesn't want Britain to show you can leave and "come out better than you went in" as "the absolute preoccupation of the Europeans is to hold the European Union together."

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