'If Richard Hammond can't eat an ice cream without worrying about looking gay he's got issues'

'If Richard Hammond's comments were scripted it undermines The Grand Tour', says journalist

Richard Hammond

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Richard Hammond's masculinity must be very fragile if he thinks eating an ice cream makes him look gay.

That's the view of PinkNews journalist Benjamin Butterworth, who also said that if Hammond's ice cream comment was scripted, it's a poor effort on the part of The Grand Tour.

Presenter Hammond has been criticised after making a joke about ice cream being gay on the popular motoring show. He said: "I don't eat ice cream. It's something to do with being straight." 

Butterworth told James Max: "You can be funny and make those sorts of comments and generalisations without being nasty or offensive.

"Richard Hammond has some incredibly fragile masculinity, if he thinks he can’t even eat a Magnum without somebody thinking he might be a homosexual.

“If they’ve written this in because it’s Christmas New Year and there’s not a lot of news usually and they want to get publicity for the show, that would concern me," he added. "If that’s what they’ve done they’re really undermining the quality of the whole show."

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