'If there was a war tomorrow, we'd probably lose' says former soldier


Monday, November 5, 2018

A former soldier and military historian has claimed that Britain would 'probably lose' if a war broke out tomorrow due to issues with recruitment.

Mike Yardley appeared on the Matthew Wright show following the Ministry of Defence's announcement that Commonwealth citizens who have never lived in Britain will now be able to serve within the Armed Forces.

Until now, applicants from nations including India, Australia, Canada and Fiji have had to reside in Britain for five years before being considered.



The move comes as the armed forces struggle to recruit enough personnel to fill a shortfall in their ranks, with the defence secretary announcing in October that all military roles would also be open to women for the first time.

Mr Yardley, who served as an Officer in the military in the 1980s, said the Army was no longer "big enough to do the job".

"The Army is incredibly small now. It's 78,000 with something like 35,000 in the Territorial Army. It isn't big enough to do the job. According to the Ministry of Defence we need about 8,000 more or something like that," Mr Yardley told Wright.

He added: "I think if there was a war tomorrow we'd probably lose."


'War isn't what it used to be'

My Yardley said that despite "enormous budgets", the Army "probably couldn't cope" if there was a war, and called for more investment in tackling cyber crime.

"We do spend billions but we don't always spend it very wisely," he said.

"The budgets are enormous, but if there was a war tomorrow we probably couldn't cope.

"One big new area is everything to do with computers, internet warfare and all of that sort of stuff. We've got to get our game up to speed in that area in particular. Beacuse war isn't what it used to be."