'If there's a Broadmoor in the US, Donald Trump ought to be in it', says George Galloway after 'calm before the storm' remark

'If there's a Broadmoor in the US, Donald Trump ought to be in it', says George Galloway in response to 'calm before the storm' remark

Our host didn't hold back on the US President

Monday, October 9, 2017

George Galloway delivering stinging criticism of Donald Trump in a fiery opening rant on The Mother of All Talk Shows.

Our host was speaking in the wake of the US President returning from visiting territories affected by recent Atlantic hurricanes.

While at an event for military commanders and their families, Donald Trump used the phrase "calm before the storm" - without clarifying what he was talking about.

When reporters asked him to clarify his remarks, Trump refused to do so, saying only "you'll see."

George didn't hold back: "It was a particularly inept, inapt metaphor, because he’d just been touring the very places that had been devastated in the storm. 

"Never mind he was tossing them – and I mean tossing – tossing kitchen rolls into the crowd like basketballs, like children at a party, hoping they would scramble and fight amongst themselves for his beneficence.

He’s mad. I’m absolutely, utterly convinced on that. This man is in the grip of mental illness.

"If there is a Broadmoor in the states, he ought to be in it."

George also made it clear what he thought of Theresa May in the wake of her disastrous speech at the Conservative Party Conference.

He said: "Well, she’s done for. She lacks the vocabulary, the iconography, the facility to do the job she is doing. 

"This would be a difficult enough job at any time, but in the middle of Britain’s biggest disengagement from Europe since Dunkirk, you need to be a bit sharper as a tool in the box to pull it off. 

"If one thing has been demonstrated beyond any possible contradiction, it’s that Mrs May isn’t very sharp. 

"The fact that she was then rendered literally speechless where every single report of her conference performance used the word excruciating – you know what that means, it means you’re curling your toes, biting your nails, knuckles, willing this thing to end. 

"You’re hoping the ground will open up and swallow her, as indeed she must have been herself."

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