If Theresa May wants unanimous backing she should move to North Korea, says SNP's John Nicolson

'Theresa May should have said she's calling an election because she thinks she'll win', says the SNP's John Nicolson

Theresa May has called for a general election

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

An SNP lawmaker has reacted to Theresa May's announcement of an early election - and said it's nonsense for the Prime Minister to expect unanimous backing from Parliament.

Ms May called the election this morning, suggesting she wanted to end Parliamentary division over Brexit and gain a comprehensive mandate.

But John Nicholson had no sympathy for Ms May's statement, suggesting that what she's asking for is the sort of control usually reserved for dictatorships.

"We live in a democracy, parliaments are meant to be divided, that's the point," Nicholson told Sam Delaney.

"Otherwise, we'd live in North Korea."

In fact, Nicholson said Ms May should have been honest and said she's calling an election because she thinks she'll win, because she's so far ahead in the polls.

Nicolson also added that Jeremy Corbyn will suffer a historic at this election and the party will be decimated.

But he also said that whilst the Prime Minister can handle Ms Corbyn in a debate, Ms May would not fair well against Nicola Sturgeon, and she knows it too.

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