'If Uber goes to court it could still operate in London for a few years'

'If Uber goes to court it could still operate in London for a few years'

Transport for London said Uber is not fit and proper to operate

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Uber case will probably end up in court and that could mean Uber is still operating in London for a few years, according to a London commentator.

Transport for London has announced that Uber will not be awarded a new private hire licence, a prerequisite for operating in the capital.

In its statement, TfL said the taxi app company was not fit and proper to operate in London.

Dave Hill, the editor of London news blog On London, told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "This is about TfL saying that Uber have been evasive really in answering a number of questions that TfL have wanted answers to."

However, "the one certainty about all of this I think is that it’s going to end up in court. If [Uber] do that then they will continue to do business and it could be that nothing will change for a few years. How it all plays out in court eventually is anybody’s guess.

The journalist added: "Even though they’ve only been operating for a few years, it’s very difficult to imagine London without Uber now.

"This whole question of Uber sort of fits into another wider debate about the sort of nature of work and employment" as well as a "wider question of regulation which is to do with traffic congestion."

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