"If you're aware of it, do something now" - Money-saving expert offers budgeting advice after survey shock

'If you're aware of it, do something now' - Money-saving expert advises families how they can save after survey results

A survey revealed one in three families would experience financial trouble after one month if they lost their income

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A money-saving expert has advised talkRADIO listeners on the best ways to keep track of their cash, after a survey revealed that one in three families would be in serious trouble within one month if they became unemployed.

Sally Francis, from Money Saving Expert, explained how forewarned is forearmed for families now that the survey has been released. 

"It's a huge number of families [that are affected]," she told Julia Hartley-Brewer. "If you're aware of it, do something about it now. 

"Do an audit of what you're spending, what your outgoings are every month.

"Do pain-free savings, the things you pay for which come out by direct debit which you never really look at.

"Write yourself a spending diary and pick up the patterns in your spending you can cut out."

Listen to the full interview above to find out how you can fine-tune your spending