Ilegal immigrant admits beating fellow inmate to death at London detention centre

Ilegal immigrant beats fellow inmate to death at detention centre

The incident took place at the Colnbrook immigration removal centre

Monday, May 8, 2017

An illegal Iraqi immigrant has admitted to beating a fellow inmate to death at an immigration detention centre and is now facing jail.

Zana Yusuf admitted to killing 64-year-old Tarek Chowdhury whilst he was at the Colnbrook immigration removal centre in west London, according to Court News UK.

Last year Chowdhury was taken to hospital after the attack on December 1, however he passed away due to his injuries just a day later.

He had only been at the centre for around two days before he was attacked by Yusuf and he was one of the oldest at the facility.

It is alleged that the Iraqi immigrant followed Chowdhury, who was originally from Bangladesh, into his cell in order to carry out the attack.

The court heard that Yusuf has a history of mental illness and he denied murder but plead guilty to manslaughter, on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

The prosecution said: "Yusuf had a psychiatric history noted during different times in the preceding years when he had been serving shortish sentences and then after the killing while in custody had a number of dealings with psychiatric services."

The man will now be assessed during the next six weeks by doctors, before his sentencing on June 21.