'I'm not that bothered I haven’t died from anything yet' - Iain Lee declares quote of the night

Iain's conversation with Claire took a rather bizarre turn

Iain and his guest we talking about how to protect cereal against bugs, such as this charming swarm of cockroaches

Friday, January 5, 2018

Iain Lee was talking to caller Claire when she said "I'm not that bothered, I haven’t died from anything yet" and it was declared quote of the night.

Our talkRADIO host was talking about protecting cereal from bugs as he claimed people should "fold over the plastic bag and get a clothes peg and put it on the top."

Claire responded by saying "I don't just do it with my cornflakes, I do it with frozen peas."

But when Iain said the bugs "won’t get in the freezer" she revealed that actually "I’m not that bothered, I haven’t died from anything yet."

They also spoke about their children being scared of stories and Iain revealed his oldest son has just started to get embarrassed about a variety of things.

Claire revealed that she now tells her son's girlfriend embarrassing stories about things he did when he was young, which we're sure he just loves.

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