'I'm not in love with Putin': George Galloway calls out talkRADIO listener over Russia tweet

Galloway defended himself from criticism from a talkRADIO listener

George Galloway defended his position on Russia on his talkRADIO show

Thursday, January 5, 2017

George Galloway was moved to call out a listener who tweeted him a rather provocative message, clarifying his position on Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Mark, from Battersea, suggested our presenter was "far-left" and "in love with Putin", and described the Russian Premier as "a kleptocrat" [a corrupt ruler who steals their country's resources].

Galloway robustly defended himself, saying "I am not far-left... and I'm not in love with Putin. And not only is he not a kleptocrat, he's throwing all the kleptocrats in jail.

"He's bringing the money, wealth, that [the kleptocrats] stole... he's bringing that wealth back. That's why he's popular in Russia."

George also said he disagrees with many of Mr Putin's domestic policies, but "he's been right about all the major foreign policy issues."

Our presenter urged Mark to take part in a live debate, but doubted he had the minerals to take him on.

Listen to the explosive clip above.