Immigration minister refuses to say whether the Prime Minister was right not to apologise for hostile environment policy

Windrush Scandal

Monday, October 1, 2018

Immigration minister Caroline Nokes has refused to say whether she thought the Prime Minister was right in not apologising for the hostile environment policy.

In an interview on the BBC Andrew Marr show yesterday, Theresa May apologised for the Windrush scandal, but not for the hostile environment immigration policy in general.

"I apologise for the fact that some people who should not have been caught up in [the policy] were caught up in that, with, in some cases, as we've just seen, tragic results," May told Marr.

When pressed by talkRADIO's Ross Kempsell on whether she thought Theresa May was right to not apologise for the immigration policy in the interview, Ms Nokes refused to answer directly.



"I think it's absolutely right to apologise to the Windrush generation and people who were caught up unintentionally in those policies. And we've put in place a range of measures to make sure that those from Caribbean countries, those over the age of 45 cannot be affected by data sharing for example.

"But you know for people who have come here illegally it is right that we have policies that can control that and prevent them from benefiting from the rights and privileges afforded to people who are here legally."

The hostile environment policy was put in place to cut immigration and cause people who were already in the UK illegally to want to self-deport.