Independent councillor who called Diane Abbott a 'monkey' and said Theresa May should be 'hanged' admits criminal charges

Independent councillor who called Diane Abbott a 'monkey' and said Theresa May should be 'hanged' admits criminal charges

Thursday, September 27, 2018

A councillor who used his Facebook page to call for Theresa May to be hanged for "treason" has admitted four criminal charges.

Richard Alderman, 72, called for the Prime Minster's public hanging three days after being elected to Rutland County Council, after posting grossly offensive messages about shadow home secretary Diane Abbott and Tory MP Anna Soubry.

He referred to Ms Abbott as a "monkey", and wrote "The party should ban black candidates from standing in certain constituents [sic]" in another. 

On the Prime Minister, he wrote: "Hang the ***** publicly for treason". 

His Facebook profile, from which he frequently shared posts by a page called Brexit News, appears to have been removed.

Brexit News also referred to Mrs May as "treasonous" in one of their posts.

Images posted by the Brexit News Facebook page, that Richard Alderman frequently shared posts from


'Hate crime'

The independent councillor - described in court as "pro-Brexit and anti-immigration" - refused to say whether he would resign his post as he left Birmingham Magistrates' Court.

Alderman admitted four charges of sending a menacing or grossly offensive message via the public communication network.

Opening the facts of the case against Alderman, prosecutor James Bruce told the court the charges related to six Facebook posts made between April and July this year.

Submitting the comments made about Ms Abbott constituted a hate crime, Mr Bruce told the court: "In essence, Mr Alderman posted publicly on Facebook when responding to news articles with comments that were a mixture of the grossly offensive and menacing.

"They relate to public figures with whom Mr Alderman disagrees with their politics, and came to the attention of the police as a result of Mr Alderman's election to Rutland County Council on July 12.

"When members of the public looked up who their new councillor was, and looked up the postings, they decided to report them to the police."


'Totally unacceptable'

The court heard Alderman, of Lonsdale Way, Oakham, Rutland, admitted six of a number of messages he posted were menacing or offensive, after writing the prime minister's assassination was "long overdue".

A further message written before Alderman's election to the council, next to a meme criticising Nottinghamshire MP Ms Soubry, read: "Hang, shoot and drown the witch to make sure it's dead."

Alderman, who was reported to the police after another councillor took screenshots of the messages, was granted unconditional bail until sentencing next Thursday.

Rutland County Council said in a statement: "Councillor Alderman has admitted his wrongdoing and pleaded guilty to all four charges brought against him.

"Criminal conduct of this kind is totally unacceptable.

"Following sentencing, Councillor Alderman's actions will be the subject of a further investigation by our own Standards Committee and reviewed against the Council's Code of Conduct."