India cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar tries to make maiden speech in Congress - but protestors shout him down

Sachin Tendulkar remains one of India's biggest sports star

Sachin Tendulkar suffered an unlikely setback in the Indian Parliament

Friday, December 22, 2017

Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar was thwarted in his attempts to make his maiden speech in the Indian Parliament, as angry lawmakers shouted him down.

Tendulkar, who played 200 test matches and remains India's biggest sporting icon, rose to speak about the benefits of sport and exercise, but was caught in the middle of an epic filibustering session in the upper house of the Indian Congress.

Lawmakers kept shouting incessantly, leaving the 44-year-old Tendulkar standing bemused for almost 10 minutes as he waited - in vain - for the protests to die down.

The protest, which has been going on for five days, has nothing to do with Tendulkar. Opposition lawmakers want India's Prime Minister Narenda Modi to clarify recent remarks which suggested his predecessor, Manmohan Singh, colluded with Pakistan officials.

House speaker Venkaiah Naidu encouraged Tendulkar to rise above the shouting and speak, but the former cricketer, nicknamed 'the Little Master' in his playing days, declined the opportunity and eventually sat down.

Fellow lawmaker Jaya Bachchan condemned the protestors, saying Tendulkar "has earned [a] name for India at the world stage. It is a matter of shame that he was not allowed to speak."

Tendulkar eventually posted the speech on Facebook instead, stressing the value of regular fitness and exercise. You can see the speech here.

The video, which was posted just hours ago, has already racked up 365,000 views.