Indian-American 'Trump supporter' held at US airport

Donald Trump's reign has been accompanied by various reports of arbitrary stop-and-search procedures at US airports

Donald Trump has attempted to force through a hugely controversial travel ban

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

An Indian-American woman who apparently voted Donald Trump has been held at a US airport - and Twitter has had little sympathy.

The women was held at customs upon re-entering the country after going to visit her family, according to India Today.

The woman's friend, Kara Calavera, tweeted about her ordeal. She said: "One of my best girlfriends is Indian-American. She voted for Trump. She just texted me complaining about being held at customs."

When asked about her friend's circumstances, and why she voted Trump, Calavera said: "She came into the country legally and worked hard and got an MBA, and she's sick of freeloaders. 

"Her words, not mine."

Trump passed a hugely controversial ban on travellers from several Muslim countries within weeks of taking office, and although the ban continues to face legal challenges, his regime has been accompanied by regular reports of arbitrary detentions at airports across the US, centring on Muslim and Asian travellers.

Although Calavera suggested her tweets made her a "sh***y friend," many on Twitter disagreed.

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