Indian street dogs help chase down and catch stabbing suspect

Indian street dogs help chase down and catch criminal

Two street dogs helped to catch a criminal (Stock image)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Two street dogs in India helped to catch a man who allegedly stabbed his former colleague.

Police believe the suspect stabbed the woman because she accused him of sexual harassment, which caused him to lose his job. Officers cited by the BBC have described the incident as a revenge attack.

After the attack the dogs chased and bit the man, who has been identified as R Raghunath, and their determined pursuit meant local people were able to catch him.

Rickshaw driver S Raman, who was at the scene and looks after the dogs, told BBC Hindi: "When they bit him, he could not run because his focus was on the dogs.

"That is when I and other members of the public got hold of him until the police came and took him away."

The woman who was stabbed is now being treated for abdominal injuries.