Indian woman becomes youngest female Boeing 777 commander in the world

Indian woman becomes youngest female Boeing 777 commander in the world

Anny Divya is the world's youngest female Boeing 777 commander

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A 30-year-old woman has become the youngest female commander of a Boeing 777 plane in the world.

The Indian woman, Anny Divya, has revealed that many from her community through her ambition was outlandish, according to The Independent.

She says that “luckily my parents have been very supportive, even though a lot of people were telling them not to send me for flying lessons."

Although there was "a lot of resistance all around," and the fees provided a huge financial burden for her parents, it's all proved worth it, she told Mirror Now.

Diyva is from Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh and many of those she knew as a young girl wanted to become doctors or engineers as their parents advised.

But Divya said: “From my childhood I wanted to become a pilot. Even though I didn’t have much guidance around how to do that.”

At 17 years old she joined a flying school named after India's first female prime minister, Indira Gandhi, and completed training at the age of 19.

She was then employed by Air India and spent time in Spain learning to pilot a Boeing 737. Divya then moved on to advanced training in London to learn how to fly the world's largest twin jet, the Boeing 777.

By working for Air India, the woman has been able to fund education for her siblings in other countries and purchase a house for her parents.

She also achieved a BSc Aviation degree and completed a course in classical keyboards whilst working for the airline.