Indian woman claims she was forced into marriage at gunpoint in Pakistan

Indian woman claims she was forced into marriage at gunpoint

The woman claims she was forced into marriage (Credit: Public Domain Pictures)

Monday, May 8, 2017

An Indian woman has claimed she was forced to marry a Pakistani citizen at gunpoint, having asked the High Commission in Islamabad to repatriate her.

The woman, a doctor known only as Uzma, made the allegations today (May 8) as she filed a plea against her husband Tahir Ali in front of magistrates.

Uzma said in the statement that she was forced to marry Tahir while visiting the Wagah border region last Monday (May 1).

She claims the wedding took place at gunpoint on May 3 and she was raped thereafter, with her documents snatched. She added that, while she had met Tahir two years ago and was friends with him, she had no intention of marriage when she visited Wagah.

"Tahir was my friend. I applied for Pakistani visa not to get married but to see the country," she said.

On May 5, Uzar went to the embassy with Tahir on the pretence of getting travel documents for a trip to India, and was spirited away while he was asked to wait.

Local reports claim that Ali met Uzma in the High Commission this morning, however he did not attend the hearing.


The woman also requested that she be allowed to stay at the Indian High Commission until she can return to India.

But Ali claims she is in fact being detained against her will, and has filed a case with local police.

The Pakistani High Commission has said Uzma's visa was obtained under the visiting category and no plans of marriage were mentioned.

Nafees Zakaria, a spokesperson for the Pakistan Foreign Office, has also claimed the woman said Ali was already married when their wedding took place, and he has four children.