Indian women's minister says female students need curfews to protect them from 'hormonal outbursts'

Indian minister says female students need curfews to protect them from hormonal outbursts

Manekha Gandhi says female students need curfews (Stock image)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

An Indian minister has caused outrage by claiming that female students need protecting from their own "hormonal outbursts."

Manekha Gandhi, the Indian Union cabinet minister for women and child development, claims curfews on female students are necessary to protect them, Al Arabiya says.

A lot of Indian universities give female students curfews, whilst male students are entitled to stay out as late as they wish. Many critics have said this policy is outdated and prejudiced.

Gandhi made the comments during a TV interview, as part of a show to mark International Women's Day.

She said: “To protect you from your own hormonal outbursts, perhaps a certain protection, a Lakshman Rekha [red line] is drawn.

“You can make [the curfew] six, seven or eight [pm], that depends on college to college - but it really is for your own safety."

She also believes, however, that male students should have their own curfew.

Gandhi has previously angered people by saying laws against marital rape could not apply in India because marriage as sacrosanct, while claiming tests on the gender of unborn children should be mandatory - even though such tests are currently banned in India to mitigate the risk of female feticide.