Indonesia brings in tough new decree to allow government to disband extremist groups

Indonesia brings in decree to allow government to disband extremist groups

The president issued an order to allow the authorities to implement bans faster

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The president of Indonesia has issued a new order to grant the government power to halt the development of extremist groups. 

The announcement was made by the country's chief security minister, after having been signed by president Joko Widodo on Monday. 

It gives the authorities the capability to disband any extremist groups which could prove to be a threat to "national unity."

It changes an already-existing law to allow the government to sidestep a court process to put a ban in place.

The decision follows months of rising tension and protests in the country, one of the more notable incidents of which included a Christian minister in Jakarta, sentenced to two years' imprisonment for committing blasphemy against Islam. 

However the change to the law has been blasted by several human rights groups, including Human Rights Watch in New York, which labeled it "troubling."