Indonesia could ban 'abnormal and destructive' LGBT content from television

Indonesia could ban 'abnormal and destructive' LGBT content from television

Some in the country have campaigned against LGBT people

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Indonesia is considering banning LGBT content from television broadcasts by the end of this year.

A draft bill allegedly says it would revise current laws on LGBT content - meaning programmes and adverts would be unable to show typical behaviours of LGBT people.

However it does not state what these so-called behaviours are, Reuters said.

Despite this lawmakers have told Reuters the ban could cover gay characters in dramas, comedy work including cross-dressing or feminine men and LGBT rights support.

MP Bobby Rizaldi, who is involved in draft bill, said "LGBT is not criminal, but if it enters the public sphere, if it's broadcast to the public, then of course it must be regulated," according to Business Insider UK.

MP Hanafi Rais also claimed "LGBT is an abnormality." He said for younger generations it is destructive and "if the content has no educational qualities, and is only for commercial or advertising purposes, then we must reject it."

However he went on to say that if the material spoke about "fixing the abnormality" then that would be legal.

The decision has been criticised by the Indonesian Association of Managers for Artists. The head of the association, Nanda Persada, said: "This is a serious issue that can impact our industry because it will stifle creativity."

Gay rights activist Dede Oetomo also said "it just shows the ruling elite has lost touch with our traditions" as even ancient myths include transgender people in performance arts and folk tales.