Indonesian province may introduce beheading as punishment for murder

Indonesian province may introduce beheading as punishment for murder

People can already be physically punished in the province

Thursday, March 15, 2018

A province in Indonesia is discussing punishing those found guilty of murder by beheading them.

Aceh is run under sharia law which has often sparked concerns over conservative Islam in the country, according to The Telegraph.

The province already canes people accused of being gay, committing adultery and gambling.

The leader of sharia law and human rights office in Aceh says he has been asked to find out the public's view on beheading and conduct research into this form of killing in line with Islamic law.

AP reported that Syukri M Yusuf said: “Beheading is more in line with Islamic law and will cause a deterrent effect. A strict punishment is made to save human beings."

He has also said that using sharia law to decide upon punishments means incidences of murder and other violent crimes would fall, and could even stop completely.

Yusuf claims by using “relatively mild” enforcement measures against murders, it leaves the option open for them to commit crime again.

The death penalty is already used in the country, however this is done by a firing squad. It is in place for crimes like murder and trafficking drugs.

The last time it was used was in 2016 against Nigerians trafficking drugs.

Although Indonesia is a Muslim-majority country, Aceh is the only province which rules with sharia law.