Intelligent robots may soon replace soldiers fighting wars, warns researcher

Intelligent robots may soon replace soldiers fighting wars, warns researcher

Morten Hansbo says self-driving tanks may be created

Monday, October 2, 2017

A Norwegian researcher has warned that intelligent robots may one day replace soldiers fighting wars - and it could catch some countries off-guard.

Researcher Morten Hansbo says that, in just a few years, we could see robots who can navigate without satellite navigation and understand their surroundings.

The researcher from the Norwegian Defence Research Institute also claimed the robots will be able to adapt to different weather conditions, according to Sputnik.

He told newspaper Aftenposten that countries which don't already use robotics could become easy targets in war. Hansbo suggests that tanks and aircraft that can steer themselves will replace current vehicles.

Previously technology experts such as Elon Musk had called for a ban on the use of artificial intelligence in war, but Hansbo claims such a ban wouldn't work, as all countries will want the technology aonce it is created and "technology is always ahead of the law."

He even suggested simple technology may revolutionise warfare as hundreds of cheap drones could wear out and overcome much more advanced weapons.

The researcher said: "Robot-on-robot combat is probably right around the corner." His calls were backed by Colonel Gjert Lage Dyndal.

Dyndal is a Nato expert at Brussels and a former dean of the Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy. He said that, whilst Norway should develop robotics, it didn't need to happen immediately.

Instead he said the country needed to sort out the current modernisation of its army.