International Women's Day is 'tokenistic'

Women's Day

Friday, March 8, 2019

Guardian columnist Dawn Foster has slammed International Women's Day as being "tokenistic".

The journalist said having just one day a year to celebrate women was not enough, and called for more time to be spent taking action on issues like the gender pay gap and women's representation in certain job roles.

"Just having one day where a couple of people will post on social media about things. It feels a little bit tokenistic, a little bit performative," she told talkRADIO's Dan Wootton.



"It's more important for us to look more at the structures in society that allow women to be paid less, that stop women from getting into positions of power."

She added: "The majority of people in poverty are women, the majority of people in childcare are still women. We often look at the top at role models when we should be looking at who is struggling."

Despite her criticisms of the day, Ms Foster added that she was not "entirely against it".

"I think it can be important for people to think about these things for a day," she said. "My worry is that we need to change everything in society, everything needs to be looked at, we need to change our economic system in many ways."